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Itís Fast, Efficient, and Simple to Use!

Click Here to Download the Devil 2.0 Brochure

Devil • Space Saving: Small desktop footprint and easily portable

• No Mess: Uses bottle-based supplies (no pouring polish onto the disc) and has self-cleaning function

• Blu-ray Compatible: Able to repair all disc formats, including Blu-ray

• Simple To Use: One-touch operation

• Cost Effective: Affordable purchase price and low operating cost.

The Disc-Go-Devil is a high quality disc repair solution at an affordable price. The revolutionary technology of the machine allows for powerful repair results in a single step. No need to change the polish or pads during the repair process!

A digital display allows selection of repair cycle based on the extent of disc damage. Shows repair totals and much more! This powerful unit is also self-contained within a strong metal frame for excellent reliability and durability.

The self-contained polish bottle system automatically dispenses the correct amount of polish onto the disc for repair. No Mess & No Waste!

Suitable for any type of customer, this machine has a small footprint and delivers the quality of results typically achieved by top-end machines for a comparatively low price.


"We purchased a Disc-Go-Devil for our video store and it has been great. In the 3 years we have owned it, we have only had to send it in for service once. The service was completed very quickly and returned to us in a timely fashion. Every time we have called Disc-Go-Tech we have had very polite and friendly sales and customer service reps. We would recommend Disc-Go-Tech to everyone. The Disc-Go-Devil has been a great addition to our business"

"We have been using the Disc Go Devil for over one year and would like to say how pleased we are with this product. The machine is compact, not taking up much space. It has cleaned hundreds of discs which have extended the life of many we would have otherwise thrown away. It is very easy and fast to use and when supplies are needed, they can be easily requested by email. An important point to mention is that there is no smell when cleaning these discs and the machine is fairly quiet for being so powerful. We are a county system with 15 branches and clean all the DVDs at the head office using the Disc Go Devil. We are considering purchasing a second machine this year for our largest branch which says how satisfied we are with this product" "Our Devil has been one of the biggest assets to a quick turnover in all of our disc sales; at 100 pieces a day and machine running strong with counter at over 11,000 cycles, we can only praise this unit. Thanks to all the staff at Disc-Go-Tech for your solid support & service over the years."

"This is a brief outline of our experience with the Disc Go Devil over a three year period. The machine itself is very simple and foolproof to use. Anyone can use and produce amazing disc repairs within minutes of simple training. We have repaired thousands of discs for both in store retail sales and for many satisfied customers that have been both grateful and shocked at the results the machine can produce. The machines ability to produce super repairs on DVDs, Cds, Games and Blu-Rays is excellent with no effort from the operator.

The machine has proved to be very reliable, easy to maintain and simple to service. The support staff is accessible, friendly and very knowledgeable about service and the consumable products. In my opinion an investment in a Disc-Go-Devil is an investment in very high quality piece of equipment that will work long and hard for years, delivering excellent results with guaranteed consistency."