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Depth of Scratch


Wet Sanding Repair — the most effective and reliable method to remove scratches from the disc, particularly heavy and deep scratches.

ECO's Patented Flat Repair Technology

Ensures a smooth, precise and high quality finish so discs can be repaired multiple times without data loss and read reliability.

Our Wet Repair Method PLUS our Flat Repair Technology restore discs to AS NEW condition!

The ONLY effective way to remove scratches and to restore your discs to like-new condition is to remove the polycarbonate protective layer down to the depth of the scratch.

Why Wet Repair is definitely better:

We recommend the use of distilled (demineralised) water with the ECO machines because it contains the least amount of impurities and assists your ECO Machine to deliver the best quality disc repair results in the business. We believe this high standard of quality is essential to all of our customers.

The use of water during the Wet Repair process keeps the disc cool and absolutely prevents warpage or other damage to its polycarbonate protective layer, as the disc is resurfaced and scratches are removed.

In addition, with the ECO Senior, ECO Master and ECO Super, the water then carries away the waste to the Water Recycling System so it can be purified and recycled to minimize the cost of disc repair.

ECO Solution D is a special component you add to demineralised water for 3 critical functions.

  1. ECO Solution D holds the water between the ECO Pads and disc to ensure it remains cool during the Wet Sanding process. Without ECO Solution D, the water would simply spin out and away from the disc's surface as the ECO Pads reach their target pressure and speed.
  2. ECO Solution D lubricates the ECO Pads to prevent the Pads and disc from binding during the multi-stage process and eliminates stop marks.
  3. ECO Solution D activates the water recycling system in the ECOSenior, ECOMaster and ECOSuper.

Flat Repair technology the important difference!

Other disc repair machines can create an uneven (ripple) surface, leave repair swirl and stop marks and round the disc edge, which can be a real problem particularly for Microsoft™ X-Box™ and many dual layer discs.

ECO’s patented Sanding Pads and Pad Holders (combined with microprocessor-based software control) ensures fast, reliable and repeatable results. The disc’s surface remains flat and even to ensure disc data integrity and read reliability, even after multiple repairs.

Importantly, discs are restored to “AS NEW” condition which is essential when promoting and selling ex-rental and game discs and earning income from repairing customers' discs.

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