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Customer Spotlight: Letter from a Public Library

“We purchased a disc repair machine from another company in August 2009. It was complicated to set up but we got it going.

"Not too long after we started to use it, the machine started ruining our discs by leaving a hard ring of debris on the discs. The directions say we were to wipe the discs off by hand to dry them after they come out of the machine but we could not wipe this hard film left on the discs off. We were then supposed to spray a finishing polish on the disc and polish the discs by hand so they would have a nice appearance but since we could not get the film off the discs, we never got that far..."    Read full story »

Libraries & Education

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"Your machine has revolutionized our ability to deal with damaged discs. What once took us 6 months to accomplish with respect to re-surfacing and reviewing materials to see if we were successful, can now be done in a matter of days. We no longer waste time watching a movie or listening to a book on CD to determine if it is no longer damaged. With the Eco-Smart, if the disc looks perfect - it is perfect."

Game Disc Stores

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"We dealt with a competitor's unit for over a year, thinking we were making a difference in customers discs.

Once I got the RTI Master machine, we realized the difference a serious tool is, compared to the "toy" we used before.

Our rate of return and repair success has improved, with customers now raving about the "new"quality of the discs! My only regret is not getting it sooner!"

Video Stores

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"We've been using the RTI machines for years. Our store bought the very first ECO unit. More recently we added their fully automated ECO Senior and their Eco Auto-Smart , both of which I highly recommend.

I really can't say enough good things about the disc repair machines we've bought from RTI. They are in a league of their own. Besides repairing our own discs, we make extra money by repairing discs for our customers . Thanks RTI!"


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"We bought our RTI ECO Senior disc repair machine at the NPA Convention in 2007. It has been in use almost every day since we received the machine. We do all the scratched CD's, DVD's, and Video Game discs for our 3 pawnshops... We have processed over 5000 discs so far, and it is running today, like every other day. Thanks RTI!"